Tea Time Snacks

Bread Roll Recipe/Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe/Fried Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe.

How to make Bread Roll Recipe/Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe/Fried Stuffed Bread Roll Recipe. Hi foodies! Here is a scrumptious and mouth watering appetizer stuffed bread rolls recipe for you. This is an easy and simple Indian recipe of homemade fried stuffed bread rolls. Here the spiced potato stuffing is covered with bread. Packed garam masala of everest brand is used, you can use any brands garam masala for this bread

Steamed Chocolate Biscuits Cake Recipe/Steamed Chocolate Craker Cake Recipe.

How to make Steamed Chocolate Biscuits Cake Recipe/Steamed Chocolate Craker Cake Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi buddies! Here is a homemade steamed chocolate biscuit cake recipe for you. This recipe is an easy and simple biscuit cake recipe. Fewer ingredients are required to make this cake recipe at home without oven. This cake recipe not requires oven, microwave or pressure cooker. Steamed sponge cake recipe where the cake

Thekua Recipe/Khajoor Recipe/Meethe Khastte Recipe.

How to make Thekua Recipe/Khajur Recipe /Khajoor Recipe /Meethe Khaste Recipe with step by step picture. Thekua is homemade cookies or a sweet snack popular in north and east India. Thekuas are mostly made on karwa chott and chatt pooja. Thekua comes from bihar and Jharkhand gastronomy. Thekua is an north Indian dessert. Thekua is a best tea time snacks. Scrumptious, crispy and crunchy cookies recipe that you can make

Ajwain Papdi Recipe/ Papdi for chaats Recipe.

Ajwain Papdi Recipe/Papdi for Chaats Recipe. Hello foodies! Here is easy and simple tea time snacks recipe for you. Papdi is easy homemade snacks. Here I have used ajwain/carom seeds which add to the taste and aroma to the papadi. You can also use some other spices of your choice. Ajwain papdi is one of the best travelling snacks. This is a superlative namkeen recipe and a scrumptious Indian snacks.

Mathri Recipe

Mathri recipe / How to make crispy mathri recipe with step by step pictures. Hii!! Buddies today I am sharing mathri recipe with you. Mathri is a north Indian snacks. Mathri is a spiced cracker, made up of maida/refind flour but here I have also added wheat flour and sooji/semolina to it. Scrumptious and crispy mathris mystery lies in the masala or ingredients used to prepare dough and its frying

Karanji Recipe/Gujiya Recipe

Hi buddies!!! In diwali we all rush to prepare different snacks and desserts, while karanji requires a little more time and hard work. Scrumptious semicircular diwali dessert. Here, I am sharing my mom’s special recipe for karanji. Even I and my mom make karanji on Rajab. Rajab is the momedian festival, on this occasion karanji is had with kheer and it tastes delicious. Karanji contains the rich flavour of roasted

Maddur Vada Recipe

After sharing a pakora recipe, I am again sharing another famous South Indian vada recipe: Maddur vada. It is a very tasty and easy to prepare vada made with all purpose flour, rava / semolina and rice flour.  Vada is a famous South Indian delicacy usually made with lentils.  But this vada recipe is very easy as it requires no soaking or grinding.  Just mix all the ingredients and make


Today’s recipe is a tasty pakoda – methi pakoda.  Fenugreek leaves are called as methi in Hindi.  This pakoda contains methi leaves and hence it is called as methi pakoda.  Pakoda is a fritter usually made with gram flour or besan as the main ingredient.  This dish also contains besan as the main ingredient.  It makes use of all the ingredients which are readily available in all Indian families.   This dish

dates peanut ladoo

Dates and peanut ladoo is a best example of a sweet that taste really good and is also very easy to prepare.  I am always looking for new recipes that work well as a treat, is healthy but don’t contain too much sugar.  These can be served as mid-morning snack for kids.  This is very easy to prepare at home and is very healthy snack for kids.  This is a very

vermicelli pakoda

Semiya pakoda is a tasty crunchy snack prepared with semiya or vermicelli.  Vermicelli is very popular in Indian cuisine and there are various dishes like vermicelli upma, vermicelli payasam, kesari, and many other dishes prepared with semiya.  This recipe makes use of vermicelli and potatoes as the main ingredient.  I have made use of rice flour here as rice flour gives a crunchiness which we expect from pakodas.  This can be

Sabudana Vada Recipe / Sago Fritters Recipe

Monsoons are often about coming home drenched in rain and praying to God not to make you sick! Once you are settled, all you crave is a nice and hot cup of tea with something on the side. You cannot just eat cookies and cakes all the time. The cold in the air makes you crave for something spice and hot to go with that tea. If you come to