December 2015

Beetroot And  Carrot Juice

Hi all, I and my friend was talking about fruit juices, How healthy and fresh it is for us. She told me some combination of  juices she like to take during winter days.  One of it was Beetroot and carrot Juice.  All we know that beetroot are very good  for blood flows as well carrots are good to prevent cancers. They also have a rich source of Vitamins. Than I

Potato Patties/ Aloo Tikki Pakode - Lemon Twist

I am sharing my own recipe of  potato patties Indian style with lemon twist. In hindi can call it aloo tikki pakode.  When it comes to aloo pakode  people generally prepare it from aloo slices. I like the boiled potato one instead of slice potatoes. This recipe is my own creation during my school days. I love the combo of lemon and potatoes. So thought of making it this way.

Eggless Mango Wheat Cake in Appam Maker

Hello friends Today I am sharing recipe of Eggless Mango wheat cake. its healthy and very less time taking and easy to make. Most of the people like mango specially the ripped mangoes are very good for baking cakes and other sweet delights. I heard alot of wheat cake so finally tried this one.  As I don’t have oven , I use appam maker.  Also I love to try new


Pori unda is a very tasty and easy to make snack. It is made with pori or puffed rice.  Pori or puffed rice is tasty when eaten alone.  It tastes great when mixed with jaggery.  This is a crispy and crunchy snack and can be made in minutes.  My kids love this sweet.  Moreover, it is very easy to prepare.  Not only as a snack, it is often made during


Paneer butter masala is a very tasty North Indian style curry made with paneer.  Paneer is also called as cottage cheese and is very often made use of in North Indian cuisine.  Paneer is now very popular throughout India and is liked by all.  This paneer curry is one of the popular paneer recipes and is also one of the tastiest. It is a creamy, delicious and smooth gravy.  It