November 2015

Kheksi/Spiny Ground/ Kantola Chana Dal Sabz

Kheksi is one of my favorite dish. Kheksi  is also known as Kantola, Spiny Ground.  Today I am sharing  yummy and healthy homemade recipe of Kheksi Chana Dal Sabz.  It is a seasonal vegetable and it comes during monsoon. As it look like Karela (bitter ground) people generally avoid it as they  think that taste can be same as Karela; So all the people  I would like to tell its

How to make Egg Tomato Relish Recipe/Tangy Tomato Eggs Recipe/Eggs in Tomato Sauce Recipe.

How to make Egg Tomato Relish Recipe/Tangy Tomato Eggs Recipe/Eggs in Tomato Sauce Recipe. Hi foodies! Here is a tangy tomato eggs recipe for you, where boiled eggs are served with home made tangy tomato sauce or tomato chutney. It’s the boiled eggs with tangy tomato relish. Tomato is the main ingredient in this recipe. You must have made many egg recipes like egg bhurji, egg tomato curry, egg tomato

Mixed Vegetables Recipe/Mixed Veggies Recipe.

How to make Mixed Vegetables Recipe/Mixed Veggies Recipe with step by step pictures. There are many recipes of mixed vegetables, here I am sharing one of them. Many times we are confused as which vegetable to make in lunch or dinner, so mixed vegetable recipe is a good option. You can use any vegetable that is available with you. This is an easy mix vegetable recipe. You can also try

Kamal Kakdi / Lotus Stem Gravy

Hi all wonderful people. Today’s recipe is Kamal Kakdi. It is also known as Lotus stem and in my state Chhattisgrah it is known as Dhens. This is my mom’s recipe and it tastes yummy. Lotus stem has various health benefits. It has vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber and a good source of fiber too. There are many dish you can make from it like gravy, kofte, also you can

Chicken Pulao Recipe/Chicken Dum Pulao Recipe.

How to make Chicken Pulao Recipe/Chicken Dum Pulao Recipe with step by step pictures. Zest chicken rice tendered with Indian spices. This is an easy and simple to make chicken pulao recipe. Pulao has mild flavor as compared to biryani. In this recipe of chicken pulao you can replace chicken with meat or beef. This recipe do not contains powdered spices, only whole spices are used. This delicious chicken pulao

Masala Moong Dal Recipe.

How to make Masala Moong Dal with step by step pictures. Moong dal is a good source of protein and easy to digest for vegetarians. Here is a simple and easy masala moong dal recipe. Moong dal contains less carbs as compare to other dal/pulses but rich in proteins. Here I have used soaked moog dal/split yellow gram for the reason that we need to have the whole gram after

Palak Gosht Recipe/Spinach Meat Curry Recipe.

How to make Palak gosht Recipe/Spinach Meat Curry Recipe with step by step pictures. Hi foodies! Most of us do not like spinach. Here is a mouth watering recipe of palak gosht for you. Spinach contains lots of benefit for our body, but we always avoid having it. This palak gosht recipe will definitely change your perception towards palak. Spinach improves blood glucose, controls diabetes, reduces risk of cancer and

Thekua Recipe/Khajoor Recipe/Meethe Khastte Recipe.

How to make Thekua Recipe/Khajur Recipe /Khajoor Recipe /Meethe Khaste Recipe with step by step picture. Thekua is homemade cookies or a sweet snack popular in north and east India. Thekuas are mostly made on karwa chott and chatt pooja. Thekua comes from bihar and Jharkhand gastronomy. Thekua is an north Indian dessert. Thekua is a best tea time snacks. Scrumptious, crispy and crunchy cookies recipe that you can make

Ragi ladoo recipe

Ragi ladoo is a tasty ladoo made with ragi flour.  It is very easy to make and healthy. This ladoo is made with jaggery.  Ragi is very much used in South India to make ragi roti, idiyappam, dosa, and even cookies. Many people don’t like the taste of ragi.  I have seen many of my relatives using sugar while making these ladoos.  To make it healthier, I have used jaggery

Sheer Khurma Recipe.

How to make Sheer Khurma Recipe with step by step pictures. Sheer Khurma comes from the mughlai cuisine. Specially made during the festival of Eid-ul-fitr/Ramazan Eid. Sheer khurma is another version of vermicelli pudding and can be called as the rich dry fruits and vermicelli pudding. Sheer khurma is a rich mughlai dessert. Sheer khurma contains lots of dry fruits like pistachios, cashew nut, almond, charoli and dates followed by

Soya Bean Kebab Recipe.

How to make Soya Bean Kebabs with step by step pictures. Kebabs are usually made of lamp meat and a popular appetizer served in the parties. Here’s a appetizing soya bean kebab recipe for the vegetarian eaters delight. Soya bean are the best substitute to meat and fish.Recipe of soya bean kebabs are the easy and simple to make recipe. If you want to switch to vegetarian diet than soya


Today’s recipe is aloo chana curry.  Potatoes are called as aloo in hindi and chickpeas is called as chana in Hindi.  Potato with chana is a very tasty combination and can be served as a side dish with chapati, roti, paratha or with poori.  This is one of the easy chana masala gravy and makes use of very few ingredients. There are many versions of aloo chana which are made

Bull's Eye Egg Curry Recipe/Dum Egg Curry Recipe

How to make Bull’s Eye Egg Curry/Dum Egg Curry with step by step pictures. Hi foodies! If you are bored with the boiled eggs curry here is a change for you. I am sharing my mother’s mouth-watering bull’s eye egg curry recipe with you. I am sure you will like this version of egg curry recipe for dinner. This egg curry is without coconut milk. In an egg curry normally


Today’s recipe is chow chow kootu. It is a south indian special side dish for rice made with moong dal, vegetables and coconut.  It is a tasty curry made with chow chow. At home we all love cabbage kootu, mainly because of its similarity with kerala style molakushyam.  It is a very comfort food and is also satisfying with rice. Kootu is very easy to make at home.  First cook


Sundal is a very popular South Indian dish.  Chana sundal is a South Indian style sundal recipe made with black chick peas.   It is often made during Navratri festivals. But apart from that, it can also be made and served as a guilt free snack.  I always make sundal for my kids snack box as it is protein packed.  This is one of the easiest sundal you can prepare for

Hershey's Cocoa & Salted Caramel Milkshake Recipe

Hershey’s Cocoa & Salted Caramel Milkshake Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hello foodies! My salted caramel madness is still on! Previously I shared the recipe of lusciously, silky, gorgeous salted caramel. Thereafter, I used it to make Salted Caramel Cappuccino. Now I am sharing one of the most sumptuous milkshake recipes I have ever made! Rich, thick, cold, creamy with intense flavor of salty caramel and bitterness from the

Amla Candy Recipe.

How to make Amla / Indian Gooseberry Candy with step by step pictures. Hi! Foodies today I am sharing healthy amla candy recipe with you. Amla contains healthy properties and help to cure many diseases. Our ayurveda is greatly depended on the plants for making medicines. Amla is only available in winters and be stored in the form of murabba, pickles, candy and so on for few more months. Amla

Salted Caramel Cappuccino Recipe

Salted Caramel Cappuccino Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Hi again, foodies! As promised, I am back with another decadent drink recipe made with salted caramel sauce.Today I am sharing the recipe of Salted Caramel Cappuccino. Winters are here and now you can enjoy all your favorite hot beverages and keep warm. This is a building on recipe. You need to have a couple of things prepared in irder to make this

Homemade Buttermilk, Butter and Clarified Butter.

Homemade Buttermilk, Butter and Clarified Butter with step by step pictures. Homemade Butter milk, butter and clarified butter taste succulent and a small number of ingredients are required. Here is the simple and easy homemade recipe for you. Mostly we use packaged buttermilk, butter and clarified butter but you must try it at home as well. You will surely notice the difference. Buttermilk is great for your health as it

Dahi Bhalle Recipe/Dahi Vada Recipe.

How to make Dahi Bhalle/Dahi Vada. Hi foodies! Here is homemade dahi vada/dahi bhalle recipe for you. Dahi bhallas are dumplings made of deep fried urad dal served with chilled yogurt and tamarind chutney. It is a popular street food and appetizer. Dahi vadas needs preparation to be done before hand like tamarind chutney. Here I have added tamarind chutney but you can also add green chutney. It too tastes