April 2016

Nadan Ayala Curry With Coconut

Nadan Ayala Curry with ground coconut (നാളികേരം അരച്ച അയല ക്കറി) is one of the most popular dishes in Kerala, thus no need any further introduction. Kerala have two styles of fish curry cooking. This style is popular in Malabar area and is known as Malabar Fish Curry (Malabar ayla curry). This one is cooked with ground coconut and more thicker and will look more yummy. Now let us see How to cook malabar

Malabar Fish Curry

Dear friends, I am Shemeena again. Today I am presenting you the recipe of Malabar fish curry. As you know Malabar is famous for their special way of cooking. Even on internet we can see people are searching for Malabar dishes, like Malabar chicken biriyani, Malabar meat curry, kozhikodan chicken curry, thalassery Biryani Etc.   Same way Malabar fish curry has its own way of cooking and it is really


Nei payasam is a tasty payasam recipe.  It is a special sweet dish which is prepared as Neivedhyam in Kerala.  This payasam is very famous in temples of Kerala.  It is a tasty combination of rice, jaggery, ghee and grated coconut.  This payasam is a treat for all payasam lovers.  Moreover, it is very easy to prepare too.  I prepared this today for vishu sadya and thought of celebrating it


Schezwan fried rice is a very popular rice dish from Indo-Chinese cuisine.  This fried rice recipe makes use of schezwan sauce and hence the name schezwan fried rice.  It is a very popular dish which can be made in a jiffy. In this recipe, I have used baby corn, but you can use any vegetable used while making fried rice.  You can use carrots, baby corn, bell peppers, cabbage, beans.

Nadan Beef Curry Malappuram style, Beef Mulakittathu

Hello Foodies, Malappuram is famous for delicious non vegetarian dishes. Malappuram have lot of its own varieties of meat dishes. Malappuram irachi curry, Malapuram biryani, Erachi mulakittathu all are very popular in Kerala . Nadan Beef Curry or Beef Mulakittathu is one of the popular dish in Malapuaram and is very tasty and yummy. I am sure that, if you visited Malappuram before, you might had this special beef curry.Here I am giving