Nadan Beef Curry Malappuram style, Beef Mulakittathu

Hello Foodies, Malappuram is famous for delicious non vegetarian dishes. Malappuram have lot of its own varieties of meat dishes. Malappuram irachi curry, Malapuram biryani, Erachi mulakittathu all are very popular in Kerala . Nadan Beef Curry or Beef Mulakittathu is one of the popular dish in Malapuaram and is very tasty and yummy.

I am sure that, if you visited Malappuram before, you might had this special beef curry.Here I am giving you recipe for a malappuram special beef curry. This is suitable to have with either rice, ghee rice or with pathiri or chapathi.

Nadan Beef Curry (Beef Mulakittathu)

Nadan Beef Curry


മലപുറം ബീഫ് മുളക് കറി  by: Shemeena Abbas

How To Make Malappuram Beef Curry (Beef Mulakittathu)




  1. Beef : 1 kg
  2. shallots :250 gram
  3. Dry Chilly  :25 grams
  4. Garlic and Ginger :50 Gram (Together)
  5. Turmeric Powder :1 tea spoon
  6. Coriander powder : 2 Table Spoon
  7. Chilly powder :1 table spoon
  8. pepper powdered :1 tea spoon
  9. Fennel Seeds :1/2 tea spoon
  10. Curry leaves: as per your taste
  11. Salt : According to your taste

How To Make Nadan Beef Curry (Step By Step)

  • Cut Beef to small pieces, Clean and Wash it Nicely


  • Add shallots to Beef


  • Squash Red Chillies and Add that also to the Beef meat


  • Squash Ginger and Garlic and add that also to beef


  • Add all other ingredients (turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilly powder, Fennel Seeds, pepper powder and salt)


  • Add one cup of water


  • Mix everything Together and Cook it until meat cook nicely
  • malapuram-beef-curry-mix
  • Now Your Special beef Curry is ready
  • malapuram-beef-Curry

You can serve this beef curry with appam, chapathi, poroto or with rice



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