Malabar Fish Curry

Dear friends, I am Shemeena again. Today I am presenting you the recipe of Malabar fish curry. As you know Malabar is famous for their special way of cooking. Even on internet we can see people are searching for Malabar dishes, like Malabar chicken biriyani, Malabar meat curry, kozhikodan chicken curry, thalassery Biryani Etc.


Malabar Fish Curry

Same way Malabar fish curry has its own way of cooking and it is really delicious. The fish I used is Spanish Mackerel.  However you can make this curry with sardines, pomfret, Mackerel or with any other your favourite curry fish

In-fact Malabar fish curry has two variations. One with ground coconut, that is known as thenga aracha meen curry and one without coconut. This one is without coconut. Enjoy!!

As you know in Kerala the style of cooking vary from north to south. In south Kerala the fish curry revolve around kudampuli style and in north kerala normally fish curry is made with ground coconut. But some time we cook something called meen mulakittathu.  This fish curry is more like fish chilli curry.

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Spanish Mackerel


How to Make Malabar Fish Curry


  1. Fish = 500 gram (Spanish Mackerel)
  2. Tamarind -25 gram
  3. Tomotto :2
  4. Green Chilly :6
  5. Onion : 1 Big
  6. Chilly powder :1 tea spoon
  7. Turmeric Powder : 1/2 tea spoon
  8. Ginger :small Piece
  9. Garlic: 6 Pieces
  10. Mustard seed
  11. Fenugreek seeds
  12. Curry Leaves

Cut the fish to curryl pieces and clean it properly


2.Mix the tamarind in a glass of water and Make it as a paste


3. Cut tomato to small pieces, Cut Onion to small pieces suitable for frying

4. Squash the Ginger and Garlic as per the below photo


5 Heat 1 table spoon oil in frying pan


6 Make sure the oil is heated properly, add mustard seed and Fenugreek seeds to oil.


7. Add curry leaves to the heated oil


8. Add onion to the heated oil and season it properly


Add squashed Ginger and Garlic


Add one teaspoon of chilly powder


Add Tomato and Green Chilly while frying


Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder


Add Tamarind water to the frying pan. Boil the mixture until it boils properly.


Once the curry boils nicely and started thickening, add fish pieces to the curry


Make sure that the fish pieces are cooked properly, then take it from the stove

Now popular Malabar fish curry is ready for you. Serve it with rice, Malabar pathiri, cheppathi, puttu or other main dishes



While writing the introduction about Malabar fish curry, I have mentioned that there is another variation also. If you want try Malabar fish curry with coconut, you can visit the below link

Malabar Fish Curry with coconut

malabar-fish-curry-with coconut








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