Sindhi Recipes

Seyal Suran Patata Recipe

  Hi again, foodie buddies. Today’s recipe is one of my personal favorites. Seyal Suran Patata is a Sindhi recipe. Suran means yam and patata means potatoes, whereas, seyal is a method of cooking. Seyal recipes have onion based gravies. The onion is caramelised for golden brown colored gravy. Very little water is used to cook these recipes.they pair up well with both rotis and rice. Personally, I like seyal

Caramelized Onion Pilaf Recipe / Sindhi Pilao Recipe

Hello there again! Looking for a good rice recipe for lunch, are we? Great! Because today’s recipe is a pilaf recipe coming straight from the kitchen of a Sindhi household. Sindhi pulao is a rice preparation consisting of rice combined with fragrant caramelized onions and earthy spices. It requires just the basic ingredients in your kitchen. The technique of cooking is what makes this rice recipe so special. We often