Today’s recipe is cashew cookies – an easy cookies with cashew nuts.  It is a very delicious and buttery cookies. These cookies can be made very easily at home with very few ingredients available at home – maida, butter, sugar, cashew, milk, and vanilla essence. You can also try making these cookies with wheat flour.  Cashew nut cookies are very easy to make.  You can also use more nuts and

How to Make Ice Cream without Ice Cream Maker (Cookies and Choco Cream)

How to make ice cream? That’s the question that popped in my head one hot Sunday afternoon while watching a TV commercial about ice cream of different flavors. My mouth literally watered when the endorser deliciously savor the thick chocolate flavored ice cream and put a teaspoonful on her mouth. Buying a liter of ice cream can be costly, especially for those who have big family like mine. I‘ll be