Spicy Chicken Sukka Recipe

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Hello Friends,

I am  Rahana Rani  Today  I am Sharing Non-Vegetarian side  Dish  South India recipe. It  is very popular side dish

in South India.It’s  very  tasty  and  Yummy. Like this special in  South India and  to have with Appam ,Roti,

Chapathi.  So please try  it  very  Easy. Let’s make  Step by  Step  Recipe  & Picture..

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How  To  Make  Chicken Sukka

Ingredients –


Chicken  –  500 gm

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Fry  Onion –  2

Chopped Coriander leaves, Curry Leaves -50 gm

Crushed  Ginger,Garlic – 100 gm

Kashmiri red chili  Powder – 3 tsp

Turmaric powder – 1 1/2 tsp

Black Pepper  Powder –  2  tsp

Garammasala Powder – 2 tsp

Coconut Oil

Salt to  taste

ingie of chiken sukka

Method  –


Wash the  chicken and cut  it  small  pieces

chicken arap

Marinate 1 hours Chicken piece,Kashmiri redchili powder,Turmaric powder, Black pepper powder,

Garam masala powder,Salt  Keep it  side.


Put  the oil in a cooking pan Saute the Crushed Ginger, Garlic, Chopped Coriander leaves,Curry Leaves foe

3 minutes.

chicken sukka

Add  fry  Onion , Chicken pieces.

chicken sukka 1

chicken sukka 3

Add  little  water and  little  salt  Cooked  Slow  Flame  15 minutes  Ready  Easy  Chicken Sukka.

chicken sukka 4

Transfer in to a serving  Plate serving  immediatly

Enjoy  happy  Cooking  and  stay healthy…

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