Hi, im vinayasooraj, today i am sharing with u a LADDU recipe by using oats . I suggest all u to try this instant laddu. Its very healthy because ,i am making this laddu  with some peanuts, dates,sesame seeds and oats.


Oats have no flavor, so i am adding dates and peanuts. If you wants add some badam, cashew and raisins also. You must try this, i am sure definitely your kids will love it. You can kept it for one week in a tight container.


The ingredients are,

  1. Oats          1cup
  2. Peanuts    1 cup
  3. Dates        1cup
  4. Jaggery    1/2 cup


1   Heat a pan, add peanuts and roast the peanuts. It take less  times to fry . Transfer this into a plate.


2     In the same pan add the oats and roast little bit. Now transfer it in to the same plate, keep it aside to cool


3       Now add some jaggery and dates without seeds.


4     Put all these in to a blender, make it as powder. Now check the taste and add some jaggery if required more sweet.


5        Now make  small dumplings. Because of the jaggery its binding together.


6    The tasty and healthy oats laddu is ready.


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