Prawns fry recipe

Hi all, to day  i am coming with you to share my prawns fry recipe. Its very simple to make and also very tasty. My prawns fry for is one of the favorite dish for kids. I am only using 5 ingredients to make my prawns fry.

prawns frymain image

I hope all are enjoy my recipe. The ingredients and the step by step method is below with images.


  1. Prawns  250gm
  2. All purpose flour   4 table spoon
  3. Papper powder   as per your taster
  4. Saseme seeds
  5. Oil for deep frying
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Method

1       Take 4 table spoon  a purpose flour in a bowl add some salt and mix well.

prawns fry step 1

2      Now add pepper powder and water and mix well, make a thick batter.

prawns fry step 2

prawns fry step 2

3     Arrange all the prawns  using tooth pic as shown  bellow.  Now put the prawns into the batter and just rotate in the saseme seeds.

prawns fry step 3

4      Heat oil in a pan add  the prawns, fry for 3 minutes in the medium heat.

prawns fry step 4


5     The tasty crispy  prawns fry is ready to serve.

main image