Pavakka moru curry – Bitter gourd in yogurt gravy

Pavakka moru curry

Bitter gourd /pavakka moru curry is the Kerala style curry. It’s the nice side dish for rice. This is the combination of pavaikka, tomato and yogurt. For this curry you can add drumstick / muringakka. I have this recipe from my amma, it’s my grandma’s favorite curry for rice.

Pavaikka moru curry

Bitter gourd contributes a healthy diet, and benefits your health due to its rich nutrient content. Pavaikka helps in increase digestive power of the body. Bitter gourd is a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. a serving of bitter gourd satisfies your entire daily need of Vitamin K. it decreases your risk of excessive bleeding and contributes to the integrity of your body.

Ingredients : Pavaikka moru curry

  1. Pavaikka 1 medium size
  2. Tomato 2
  3. Green chili 1
  4. Water 1 cup
  5. Curd ½ cup
  6. Grated coconut 1 cup
  7. Turmeric powder ¼ table spoon
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Curry leaves 2 springs
  10. Mustard seeds 1 tspn
  11. Oil 1 table spoon

Method of preparation : Pavaikka moru curry

Cut pavaikka / bitter gourd and tomato very nicely.

Pavaikka moru curry - steps

Then put in a pressure cooker, also add green chili, turmeric powder, water and salt. Then close the lid and wait for 5 whistles in high flame.

Pavaikka moru curry - steps

Pavaikka moru curry - steps

In this time we want to make coconut paste. In a blender add grated coconut and curd. Grind it well till coconut is very fine paste.

Pavaikka moru curry - steps

After the pressure settles open the lid and add coconut paste in it.

Pavaikka moru curry - steps

Again cook for 1 minute in high flame and 2 minutes in low flame. You can add water in this stage that depending on how much gravy that you want also check the salt. Then add 1 spring curry leaves in it.

Pavaikka moru curry - steps

Then remove in to a serving bowl, fry mustard seeds and curry leaves in hot and pour in to the curry. The tasty pavaikka / bitter gourd curry is ready to serve with rice.

Pavaikka moru curry - steps


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