mutton hariyali

Hi friends today i am going to make a mutton dish.Mutton Hariyali.hara means green.Mutton cooked  in a greenish  gravy.This is a traditional mughal recipe.In this gravy am cooked in my own style.  This curry well goes with idaiyappam,pathiri,bread etc.

Then lets start how to make a mutton hariyali .

mutton hariyali


hariyali mutton




  1. Mutton                                            500gm
  2. coriander leaves                            1 bunch
  3. green chilly                                     5 nos
  4. onion                                               2 big sliced
  5. ginger garlic paste                        3 tspn
  6. tomato                                            2 pasted
  7. coriander powder                         3 tspn
  8. turmeric powder                           1/2 tspn
  9. garam masala powder                  1 1/2tspn
  10. pepper powder                               1 tspn
  11. oil                                                      3 tbspn
  12. salt                                                    to taste



In a pressure cooker add cleaned mutton,coriander      powder,turmeric powder, half of the ginger garlic paste and garam masala and enough salt.marinate for half an hour.

IMG_20160724_122718      IMG_20160724_123028IMG_20160724_123137 In a kadai add 3 tbspn oil.add half of the onion and fried in golden brown color.keep it aside.this is for the same oil add remaining onion sute well.then add the ramaining ginger garlic paste.IMG_20160724_125110IMG_20160724_131427

then add the pasted tomato.saute for few minutes.


when the tomatoes raw smell goes add the paste of corinder leaves and green chilly.

IMG_20160724_131916saute for a few minutes.then add cooked mutton with stock water.check the salt.


IMG_20160724_133642allow to boil when the gravy starts to the flame .now the curry is ready to serve.garnish with fried onions.


hariyali mutton