KAPPA PUTTU WITH KAPPA STEW / Tapioca Puttu With Tapioca Stew

Kappa Puttu

Kappa puttu is  a very popular and a traditional breakfast dish of Kerala and is made by Tapioca and with rice flour.This traditional dishes are healthy and tasty also. Today we are going to make this puttu with freshly grated kappa. Kappa Puttu is an easy and quick recipe like normal puttu made out of rice flour. We are also making an another dish, Kappa Stew. It is cooked in coconut milk which makes it so tasty so let’s start to prepare our dish Kappa Puttu With Kappa Stew.

Ingredients for kappa puttu :

1. Kappa / Tapioca – (grated) 2 cup
2. Rice flour -2 table spoon
3. Coconut grated – 1 cup
4. Salt – to taste

Method of making kappa puttu:

Take fresh kappa remove the outer skin, wash it and grate or chop it in to small pieces

Add rice flour in to the bowl along with grated kappa and add enough salt, sprinkle little bit of water in to it then mix it well.

Now take a puttu maker first add some grated coconut in to it then add grated kappa mix in to it, repeat the process and fill the puttu maker

Place the puttu maker in to the stow and let the stame came, cook it for minimum 10 minutes in low flame.

After cooking remove the puttu from the puttu maker in to a plate.

Ingredients for kappa Stew:

1. Kappa boil pieces – 2 cup
2. Onion choped – 2
3. Green chilly – 3
4. Ginger crushed – 1 teaspoon
5. Coconut milk (thin) – 2 cup
6. Coconut milk ( thick) – 1 cup
7. Patta /cinnamon – one piece
8. Grambu /clove – 4 to 5
9. Elakkaya/ cardamom – 2 to 3
10. Curry Leaves – for garnishing
11. Coriander leaves – for garnishing
12. Oil – 3 tablespoon
13. Salt – to taste

Method of making kappa stew:

Heat oil in a pan add onion, ginger, chilly in to it and saute it for few minutes. Add patta, grambu, elakka, some curry leaves and saute it well.

Add thin coconut milk and mix it, then add boiled kappa in to it and cook this for a few minutes

Now add enough salt and mix it. Finally pour thick coconut milk in to it and heat it do not boil this after adding thick coconut milk.

Turn off the heat, add curry leaves and coriander leaves, in to the Stew.

serve it hot and enjoy your kappa puttu along with kappa stew….