Garlic naan

Today’s recipe is garlic naan.  Naan is one such dish which I thought could be made only in hotels, but when I tried, found that it is very easy to make at home.  I made this few days back and served with kadai paneer.  Hope you like it. Now to the recipe..

garlic naan
garlic naan

Ingredients required

Maida/ All purpose flour  – 2 cups

Butter milk  – 3/4 cup

Warm milk – 1/4 cup

ghee /clarified butter  – 3 tablespoon

Instant yeast – 1 tsp

salt – to taste

sugar – 1 tablespoon

garlic – 10 cloves

coriander leaves – 2 tablespoon

butter  – 1/4 cup


1.  Mix salt, sugar, yeast and ghee.


2.  Add butter milk and mix well .

3.  Add milk slowly until you get a sticky dough.  Use more milk if required.



4.  Cover the bowl with a wrap and set it aside for 30 minutes.


5.  The dough will double in size.


6.  Punch it down and divide it into lemon sized balls.

7.  Arrange it in a greased plate.  Wrap it with a cling wrap and leave it aside for 15 minutes.

8.  You can start preparing once it doubles in volume.

9.  Roll each ball into a circle.  Fold it twice and make a triangle.


10. Roll each triangle into a larger and thinner triangle.

11. Apply a coat of butter on the triangle.

12. Mince garlic in a mixer and apply a coat of garlic on the triangle.

13.  Sprinkle coriander leaves on it.

14. Heat a tawa.  Once the tawa is hot, place the triangle on the tawa and cook it on both sides.


15.  Serve it hot.

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