Beef Kofta Curry Beef Meat balls Curry

Hi  I am nizara.Today am going to make a kofta( meat ball )curry.The koftas (meatballs) in this dish can be made with beef, lamb or chicken. It makes a great meal when served with jeera rice and salad.otherwise you can have with chapati,bread etc

Today am going to make kofta curry with minced beef.


      grinding for making koftas
  1.   Pottukadala                       2-3 tbsp
  2.   small onion                         10 nos
  3.   Green chilly                         3 nos
  4.   ginger garlic paste              1/2tspn
  5.   Chilly powder                        1 tspn
  6.   turmeric powder                   1/2tspn
  7.   Garammasala powder          1/2tspn
  8.   Coriander leaves                 handful
  9.    Salt                                        to taste
  10.    Minced meat(beef)            500gm
    For Gravy
  1.        onion                                           2    finely chopped
  2.        ginger garlic paste                    2   tspn
  3.        tomato                                         2   pasted
  4.        chilly powder                              2    tspn
  5.        coriander powder                       2    tspn
  6.        turmeric powder                          1/2 tspn
  7.        garam masala powder                 1     tspn
  8.        coconut paste                                6     tbspn
  9.       coriander and mint leaves           hand ful
  10.       oil                                                      3      tbspn
  11.       salt                                                    to taste


Making koftas
 In a mixer add pottukadala and powder keep it aside.In the same mixer add 2-to 10 ingredients and ground well.Take a bowl add ground mixture and pottukadala powder mix well and make small balls.keep it aside
heat oil in a wide pan add chopped onion and mint leavesIMG_20160719_115025IMG_20160719_115412after the onion become transeculent add ginger garlic p[aste and tomato paste one bye one saute well
IMG_20160719_115610IMG_20160719_115750then all the spice powders into it.saute well
IMG_20160719_120235then add enough water.after the water starts to boil add coconut paste
IMG_20160719_120719the gravy starts to boil add koftas one bye one.allow to boil close the lid  simmer for  30 mins.IMG_20160719_122829
open the lid add coriander the curry ready to serve.