Mango Pudding

mango pudding is dessert of indian origin usually served cold. This is simple dessert it is verry popular in hong kong where pudding is eaten as a traditional british food

by shemeena

Mango Pudding Recipe


Mango Pudding Video Recipe

How to Make Mango Pudding



  1. Ripe mango 3 large
  2. condensed milk -half tin
  3. Sugar..half cup
  4. Milk 1 cup
  5. Gelatin 5ml
  6. Vanilla essence 2 drops
  7. Cheries 50gm (For decorating)
  8. Dates 10 sliced (For decorating)


  1. chop mango to small pieces  how-to-make-mango-pudding-step-by-step2
  2. In to a jar add mango pieces add half cup sugar and half cup milkmango-pudding-step-by-step-3
  3. Now grind well d a smooth mixmango-pudding-step-by-step-4
  4. Add in a bowlmango-pudding-step-by-step-5
  5. Take gelatin in a bowlmango-pudding-step-by-step-6
  6. Pour boiling water Dissolve it by continuous  stirringmango-pudding-step-by-step-8
  7. Add half tin milk mademango-pudding-step-by-step-9
  8. Stir to mixmango-pudding-step-by-step-10
  9. Add vanilla essence stir to mixmango-pudding-step-by-step-11
  10. Pour dissolved gelatin stir to mix now our pudding mixture is readymango-pudding-step-by-step-12
  11. Pour this mixture into pudding bomango-pudding-step-by-step-13
  12. Garnish with chopped mangoes cheris and sliced dates…. and Place in the refrigerator for at list 2
  13. Now our testy easy and yummy mango pudding is ready… to serve…mango-pudding-step-by-step-final
  14. mango-pudding-step-by-step-final-1
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