Malabar Beef Biryani Kerala Beef Biryani

kerala beef biriyaniBiriyani is a flavorful recipe with the combination of rice with meat, fish and vegetables. There are lot of biriyani that have different spices and different tastes. Here I am showing you a very popular Kerala Beef Biryani known as Malabar beef biryani. Malabar style beef biriyani have an amazing taste; this is our Sunday special food.  You can serve this with pickle or salad etc.

Kerala Beef Biryani

Let’s see the recipe of beef biryani recipe with detailed images. I hope all are enjoy recipes with yummy recipe, please give your feed back in comment box.

How to Make Malabar Beef Biryani

Ingredients :

  1. Beef 250gm
  2. Rice 1 cup (cooked)
  3. Onion 2 no.s
  4. Garlic 1 table spoon chopped
  5. Ginger 1 table spoon chopped
  6. Green chili 1
  7. Coriander leaves ¼ cup chopped
  8. Mint leaves ¼ cup chopped
  9. Turmeric powder ¼ teaspoon
  10. Red chili powder ½ table spoon
  11. Biriyani masala 1 ½ table spoon
  12. Fennel powder ¼ table spoon
  13. Pepper powder ½ table spoon
  14. Curd 2 table spoon
  15. Cashew cuscus paste 1 ½ table spoon (optional)
  16. Cashew, raisins, onions for frying.
  17. Salt to taste

Step by Step methods to make Kerala Malabar Beef Biryani

Fry – cashew, raisins and onions till brown in color and keep it aside.

beef biriyani preparation steps

Marinate beef with onion, ginger garlic paste, green chilli, coriander leaves, mint leaves, turmeric powder, red chili powder, pepper powder, biriyani masala, fennel seeds, curd and salt. Keep it aside for 30 minutes.

beef biriyani preparation steps

beef biriyani preparation steps

Put in a pressure cooker and add cashew cuscus paste.

beef biriyani preparation steps

Cook for 6 whistles in high flame.

beef biriyani preparation steps

After the pressure settles, open the lid and remove in to another pan.

beef biriyani preparation steps

Cook until the water completely evaporated.  Then sprinkle some fried onions and add cooked rice.

beef biriyani preparation steps

Again sprinkle fried onions, fried cashew, raisins, coriander leaves and mint leaves.

beef biriyani preparation steps

Cook again in low flame for about 10 minutes. Remove in to a serving bowl. Serve with pickle, salad or non veg gravy. Enjoy cooking with yummy recipes, thank you.

beef biriyani preparation steps

beef biriyani

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