Lachha paratha

Lachha paratha is a type of Indian flat bread with its origins from Punjab and is popular throughout India.  Here I have made laccha paratha with whole wheat flour.  This can also be made with half wheat and half maida.  Now to the recipe..

laccha paratha
lachha paratha

Ingredients required

Wheat flour  – 2 cups

Oil  – 3 tablespoon

Chaat masala – 1 teaspoon

salt  – to taste


For dough

1.  To the flour, add salt and 1 teaspoon of oil.  Mix well.  Now, add water slowly, little by little and make a dough.

2.  Now, press the dough and make finger impressions on the dough.  Add little water and cover it with a cloth for 20 minutes.  Knead it once more.   Make soft firm dough.


To make parathas

1.  Divide the dough into equal sized balls.

2.  Take one ball, dust it with flour, slightly flatten it with with your hands and roll it into a circle with the help of a roller pin.

3.  Make a circle, apply oil on top of the circle. Spread it evenly.

4.   Now sprinkle 1/4 tsp of chaat masala on top of it and spread it nicely.


5.  Now slowly fold the circled dough from one side and then immediately to the other side. ( Like saree folds).  You get thin long strip.



6.  Press it well.  Pull it from both sides and you will find that it gets stretched.  You will get a thin long strip.  Then slowly fold it as you do for swiss roll.


7.  Again dust it with flour, and roll it once more.  Repeat the steps again.  You will clearly find layers now.



8.  Heat tawa, grease it with oil and place the circled dough on it.  Wait till bubble starts appearing on one side.  Then turn it to the other side.  Let it get cooked evenly on both the sides.  Apply oil on both sides.



9.  Now remove the paratha, place it slowly in your hands and slightly press it towards the center, to show the layers clearly.

10. Apply butter and serve it with curd or any subzi.

laccha paratha

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