Khekada masala / Maharashtrain masalaCrab

Khekada masala / Maharashtrain masalaCrab

Kekda masala is famous in Mharashtra, this crab curry is less spicy. I just love this curry with chapthi or plain rice. For making khekada masala we need malvani masala. I included the malvani masala mixture in the first step; otherwise you can make it separately and kept in the refrigerator for about 4 months.

Let’s see the making of khekda masala recipe is bellow with detailed images.

Ingredients for making kekda crab

  1. Crab 250gm
  2. Onion 1 size sliced
  3. Grated coconut 2 table spoon
  4. Cumin seeds ¾ table spoon
  5. Dry red chili 3 or 4
  6. Fennel seeds ½ teaspoon
  7. Cumin seeds ½ teaspoon
  8. Pepper corns 1 table spoon
  9. White sesame seeds 1 teaspoon
  10. Cinnamon 3 pieces
  11. Cloves 3
  12. Oil 2 table spoon
  13. Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
  14. Khekda masala 1teaspoon
  15. Ginger garlic paste ½ teaspoon
  16. Tomato puree ½ cup ( 1 tomato)
  17. Water 1 ½ cup
  18. Tamarind water 2 table spoon
  19. Salt to taste


Dry roast 4 to 11 ingredients (Cumin seeds, Dry red chili, Fennel seeds, Cumin seeds ½ teaspoon, Pepper corns, White sesame seeds, Cinnamon and Cloves) and keep it aside.

Then heat oil in a pan adds sliced onion, saute it for 2 minutes. Add grated coconut and fry for again 2 minutes.

In a mixer jar add dry roasted spices and fried onion coconut, make a fine paste by adding little water. Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a deep bottom pan, add sliced onions and saute until it’s became soft.

Then add turmeric powder, red chili powder and khekda masala, saute for 2 minutes.

Add ginger garlic paste and saute till the raw smell away.

Now add tomato puree and cook for 2 minutes.

This is the time to add coconut paste, cook it for 3 miutes in medium flame.

add cleaned and washed crab and combine well.

Add little more water,  salt to taste and tamarind syrup allow it to boil.

Close the lid and cook for about 5 minutes in medium flame.

the khekada masala curry is ready to serve.