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Soy Chunks with Mixed Veggies Recipe

soy nuggets curry

Hello foodie buddies. Time to cook something healthy for the family! I’m here with yet another delicious and nutritious recipe, consisting of soy and veggies, full of goodness! This one is basically a Sindhi recipe, and needs to be nicely sautéed for a little longer time. But you will be happy with outcome and the […]

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Hara-Bhara Pulao Recipe


We Indians happen to love our rice. It doesn’t matter which part of the country we belong to, our love for rice is eternal. The versatility of rice is the reason behind our undying affection towards those long and fragrant grains of milky-white goodness. Have it plain, temper it with cumin, make biryani and pulao […]

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How To Make Kolhapuri Chicken Curry Restaurant Style

kolhapuri chicken curry recipe

  Restaurant Style Chicken Kolhapuri Recipe Hello buddies. I am back again; this time with a scrumptious chicken curry recipe. Kolhapuri dishes are known for setting your tongue on fire and then may be making your eyes water. But you just cannot help eating them because they are so luscious and irresistibly delectable. Kolhapuri chicken […]

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Garlicky Paneer and Veggies with Fried Noodles Recipe


  A few days back I was sipping on Manchow soup at the restaurant with my friends. It was a really well-made soup, loaded with finely shredded vegetables and perfectly balanced in taste. The topping of fried noodles was very crispy and lent a nice texture. Then I just thought to myself, how about I […]

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Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

Being a Sindhi I have a strong affinity to some Sindhi delicacies. Sindhi kadhi, tomato kadhi, fried potato-capsicum, potato-okra, seal phulko, and the quintessential Sindhi Papad are the things I can never say no to. Sindhi kadhi is prepared at least once a week in our home. It’s our go-to recipe when we want to […]

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Home-Style Tomato Soup Recipe / Indian-Style Tomato Soup

Hello dear foodies! Isn’t the weather out there getting lovelier with every passing day? Winter is on its way and the craving for delicious, hot and comforting food has already started. So why not begin with our winter food fiesta with hot and yummy tomato soup? Soups are so comforting, keeping us warm and full. […]

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Rice Idli Recipe / Idli Recipe

Hello buddies. Looking for a recipe to make fluffy and delicious idlis, yes? In one of the previous posts I had shared the recipe of rava idli and masala rava idli.  Today I am sharing the recipe idli made from rice and white urad dal. Believe it or not, the taste of rice idlis differs […]

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Paneer-Chhole Recipe

Hello dear foodies. Are you a fan of Punjabi food? If yes, then you are in for a real treat today. Punjabi cuisine is one of the most loved and popular cuisines of India. Punjabis live their lives to the fullest and the same spirit is reflected in their love for wholesome and lavish food. […]

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Aloo Tamatar Sabzi Recipe

Hello folks. As I had promised in the previous post, I am sharing the recipe of Aloo Tamatar Sabzi. I had served this deliciously tangy dish with Bedmi Puris / Urad Dal Puris . This is a very festive combo. The house gets filled with aromas from the freshly ground spices. This dish consists of boiled potatoes […]

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Bedmi Puri Recipe / Urad Dal Puri Recipe

Hello dear buddies. With Ganeshotsav going on, festivity has been in the air lately. Today’s recipe is Bedmi Puri with Aloo Tamatar Sabzi. In this post I am sharing the detailed recipe of Bedmi Puri. The recipe of Aloo Tamatar Sabzi will be shared in the following post. Bedmi Puri is a festive recipe. It’s […]

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