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Another new launcher designed for Android 4.0, dubbed Apex, landed in the Store this morning and it, too, is pretty incredible. I spent some time playing around with it earlier today; here is a quick look at what Apex has to offer. The launcher on Android 4.0 is quite nice when compared to what Google was shipping before. If there is one complaint, it’s that the stock launcher is a little light on features. But that’s what custom home screen replacements are for, right? We took a look at Apex Launcher when it first came out and were impressed with the initial release.

Usually, you can install a program in Control Panel. But, how to uninstall programs not listed in Control Panel Windows 10? This post shows how to remove programs that are not listed in Control Panel. If you lost data after uninstalling programs, try MiniTool software to find them back. With this not-so-new update, the more obvious bugs, deleted settings, suggest app feature, and missing features are no longer experienced. The look and interface of the two versions may be similar but version 3 is said to be way better.

  • If you want to remove the ever-present Search bar that appears on every home screen, just enable Hide Google Search Bar in Xposed GEL Settings.
  • Asaf, did you take note of the other apps that you uninstalled?
  • Security is perhaps the most pertinent factor not just in all areas of life but also in the world Apex Launcher of the Web.

However, with such streamlined controls, there is little to tinker with as your skills and knowledge improve. Finally, my only real gripe with this launcher is its slow performance when modifying the settings. Even on flagship devices with the latest version of Android, Action Launcher continues to have a delay when implementing any tweaks. Any modification to the settings will lead to a second or two delay and screen redraw.

Knowing various aspects can make them feel comfortable to deal with various problems. Knowledge is very helpful in each and every field to perform various tasks well and good. Although, we have initially configured the repairing method on Steam through its validating file feature. There could also be another case in which you are playing Apex Legends through Origin Game Library.

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Android is one of the most customizable operating systems meaning you can pretty much hide your apps any way you want. Scroll through the list and tap the empty box next to any applications you no longer use. Then, tap the trash can icon in the upper right corner. We will round off this list with an app that supports greater control and flexibility along with elegant looks.

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Above all the fixes, it is pretty uncommon for Firewall to either disable the Link between Apex Legend Server and your Internet. However, that is a possibility and other than that, you can also be in the loop of Firewall blocking the Anti-Cheat, further causing the game to not work. This isn’t only the case with Apex Legends, but we also faced a similar problem with League of Legends, and it seemingly worked. All you have to do is remove the Apex Legends directory or both the game application plus Anti-Cheat from blocked lists.

The list of Apex Legends launch options/commands end here. There are certain commands that are no longer in use. We’ve mentioned these commands in the below section. This Apex Legends launch command helps you to force the DirectX API version you want to have extra in-game features. Just enter this command with your preferred DirectX version and play.