July 2017

okra pepper fry

Lady finger pepper fry / okra fry Lady finger pepper fry / okra fry is a good side dish for rice. This is the south Indian style preparation, the lady finger roasted in onions and the large quantity of pepper masala. You can see many different okra recipes like masala okra, potato okra etc in yummy recipes. Here I am showing you a spicy and dry okra pepper recipe. Okra is

Chicken Macroni Pola / Chicken Macroni Cake

Chicken Pacroni Pola / Chicken Macroni Cake Chicken macroni pola is an iftar dish it’s famous in Malabar area in Kerala.  This is the combination of chicken, eggs and cooked macroni with masalas. Chicken macroni pola is a snacks recipe. If you want its spicier increase the quantity of pepper powder. Let’s seethe making bellow with detailed images. INGREDIENTS Cooked and Shredded chicken ¾ cup Cooked macaroni  ¾ cup Eggs

Chicken Perattu / Kozhi Perattu

what is Kerala roadside chicken Perattu Chicken Perattu or locally known as Kozhi Pirattu is a traditional chicken recipe of Kerala with very limited ingredients and it is very easy to make. It is also called as nadan chicken perattu since it is prepared with nadan (local) flavors. In Kerala the taste and flavor changes from place to place. And if you travel rural Kerala you can find lot of

orrange tank powder cake

Orange cake / Orange tank powder cake Orange loaf cake is simple and you can get a fabulous result. I have made this orange cake using orange tank powder. You can also make this is a bunt cake. Great to make it for kids, they like the taste of tank powder. my daughter like this cake very much. Please do try this orange cake. I hope all are enjoy my recipe

Fish Lumpia (Tulingan) with Malunggay

Fish lumpia or lumpiang isda is a good alternative if you want to make healthier, lighter and cheaper version of lumpiang shanghai. You can use any type of firm fish like Bangus, Galunggong, Tambakol, etc. and turn them into these delicious rolls. But since I have a few leftover of Sinaing na Tulingan, I thought I should give it some twist. This is the first time I tried adding malunggay.

Maruya (Banana Fritters) Recipe

Maruya or Banana Fritters is one of my favorite snacks especially when I was in grade school. Every afternoon, the stores beside our school sell different snacks made from banana, cassava and sweet potato. I always buy banana cue or maruya. Having the taste of a pancake with a sweetness of banana, Maruya can make a simple yet yummy snack. Maruya is basically made of ripe (or overripe) banana, flour,

Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava cake is a yummy, fudgy and flavorful dessert made of grated cassava, coconut milk, eggs and condensed milk. There are so many delicacy and souvenir shops that sell special cassava cake. Ralo’s, Rodilla’s are some of the few. Usually topped with macapuno, custard or grated cheese, Cassava cake is a delectable treat everyone would love. But don’t worry, you can make at the comfort of your home. Cassava, also called

Pineapple Pudding Recipe

Pineapple gelatin pudding, or simply Pineapple Pudding, is an easy and simply fruit dessert to make this summer. It’s a perfect treat for those pineapple lovers but can’t eat the fresh ones. It’s summertime! It also means that it’s time to harvest those tropical fruits. And one of my favorites is pineapple. My dad harvested some from the farm and brought home today. I was wondering what kind of dessert

Kethals chicken / spicy chicken fry recipe

  I have this Kethals chicken from a hotel at Kannur. This chicken is famous in Rhmaniya hotel. It’s a spicy chicken fry, for making this we use small types of chicken that have 80 to 60 weights only. Serve this delicious spicy chicken curry with chappati roti etc. chicken is on of the highest protein suppliers normally found in peoples diet. its also contains a very good source of

Pizza Bread Roll | Pizza Roll | Bread Roll

Pizza bread roll, or simply Pizza Roll, is a yummy and scrumptious snack for everyone, especially your kids. It is good as appetizers for parties and potlucks too. Pizza bread roll is perfect if you are craving for some pizza slices but too lazy to go out or order. You can make some of these bread rolls in a jiffy. In this recipe, you will just need a few ingredients,