April 2015

Turon Recipe (How to Cook Turon or Banana Spring Rolls)

The concert of this dessert is now starting! If you want to eat a banana with a twist, try this Philippine-made turon. It is a dessert made of a sliced banana WRAPPED and ROLLED in a spring roll wrapper and then deep frying it. Its sweetness and its crunch sound so delightful to eat. People add jackfruit too. It gives a special distinct flavor and aroma that is so attractive

How To Make Mango Lassi

Hi again, foodie fellas! It is a beautiful sunny day, isn’t it? It’s Saturday afternoon and the Sun is shining bright with all its might, as April approaches its end. Speaking of April, the summers here are pretty rough and not to mention hot. When we are feeling helpless about the heat, again, food comes to our rescue. I prepare a variety of summer coolers during the hot days; Lemonde,


Today, I am sharing with you a mutton curry recipe I hope all of you will relish .  Mutton is a favourite at most homes and I always love to try different versions of mutton recipes.  The regular Mutton Curry I make at home is the nadan Kerala mutton curry and I have already shared with you nadan kerala style chicken curry but today, I have made a mix and match mutton


Chicken dishes are a favourite in my family especially among kids.  So I always try to cook chicken in different ways . Today’s recipe is Chicken Varattiyathu which is very popular in Kerala.  I have already shared nadan chicken curry (with coconut milk) and Chicken Varutharachathu.  Both these recipes make use of coconut, the first one needs coconut milk and the second needs roasted coconut both of which I was in

Easy Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

I am a coffee drinker. The day isn’t complete without my cup of coffee. I love cappuccino, latte, or any kind of coffee-laced drink. I love my coffee creamy and a bit bitter. I love having coffee hot or iced. I love it topped with cream and syrup or sprinkled with cinnamon. I may be a huge coffee drinker, but a cup of coffee isn’t complete without a treat to

Puff Pastry Snail Recipe

Puff Pastry Snail is a very nifty recipe. You can stuff the puff pastry with any filling of your choosing. You can try jams, preserves, cheese, chocolate and the list goes on! I love making Puff Pastry Snails with bacon and cheese. I love making them for picnics or for days at the beach. They’re great with kids and adults alike. I once made some for a breakfast potluck with

Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe

  Hi again dear readers. After a string of savory recipes I am sharing a cake recipe today. This is my 3rd chocolate cake recipe, and by far the best one. This is one of the recipes my Mom had learned during the late 1980’s. And now I am passing it on to you. This is an eggless chocolate cake recipe, which gives you a very rich, dense, intensely flavored,

Mutter Vadi Recipe / Green Peas Pinwheels Recipe

Hi buddies. Today I am sharing the recipe of Mutter Vadi. It is a snack recipe, easy to make and oh so delicious! Mutter vadis are like pinwheels stuffed with the grean peas filling. The outer shell is crispy and the filling is moist and flavorful. I got the idea of making mutter vadis from the traditional Maharashtrian snack, bhakarwadi. I have also tried making aloo wadis, which has the

Fruity Egg Sandwich Recipe

Hello, buddies. Looking for healthy breakfast recipes, are we? Today I am making an addition to the existing list of healthy and quick breakfast recipes. It’s a sandwich recipe. It’s nutritious because it has eggs in it. The health quotient just went up when I added a few raw veggies. And then I added fruit too. Now this isn’t something you do very often. Adding fruit to the sandwich not


Chicken biryani –  is a tasty rice dish which is widely made throughout India.  There are various variations to this biryani from place to place.  Thalassery biryani is very famous in Kerala whereas there are many varieties of biryani in Tamil Nadu like Ambur biryani, Thalappakatti biryani and so on.  Today, I am sharing an easy method of making this delicious rice dish. This method of making chicken biryani makes use


Today, I am sharing a very tasty and easy to make curry for rice which is made with snake gourd.  I have already shared the recipe of snake gourd curry, which was a Kerala style preparation but today’s recipe is a different one.  Here the spices and coconut is roasted and the curry is made.  This gives a nice flavor and taste to the curry.  Now to the recipe Ingredients


Today’s recipe is an extremely delicious prawns biryani .  Usually I make biryani in Kerala style but today, I wanted to try something different.  I started browsing for recipes and definitely I got many wonderful recipes out of which this one caught my attention.  The biryani is made using pressure cooker – a very easy to make one pot meal.  Final result was an extremely tasty, flavourful biryani.  Now to

tomato pulao recipe

  Tomato pulao – is an easy and tasty rice dish.  Apart from being an easy to prepare rice dish, it is also tasty and can be easily packed.  Serve it with some raita and done.  I usually make tomato rice and serve it with cucumber raita.  Now to the recipe…. Ingredients required basmati rice – 1 cup onion  – 1 tomato  – 2 (medium) water  – 1 1/4 cup